Southwark: young adults launch on-line station for Pope's visit

A new internet radio and tv station fronted by Catholic young people has been launched . It is to cover the events of the papal visit and hopes to go on permanent transmission at the end of this year. Archbishop Peter Smith and Bishop Paul Hendricks attended the opening celebration on Friday.

The project is the brainchild of Gerry Coates, the Catholic songwriter, who will be travelling to Rome this summer with pupils from St Anselm's School, Canterbury, and hopes to arrange an interview with the Holy Father during the visit.

Archbishop Kevin encouraged the idea and a project committee was formed, which includes Bishop Paul, Maureen Todd (Southwark Schools Commission), John Toryusen (Director of the Southwark Catholic Youth Service), Louise Perry (School Chaplain). Steve Hall (School Media Director) and Gerry Coates, the project manager. The majority of the schools involved are in the Southwark diocese.

To visit the station see:

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