Palestinians turn Separation Wall into World Cup big screen

art on the Wall

art on the Wall

Israel's massive Separation Wall prevents Palestinians from leaving the West Bank. But it hasn't stopped them from keeping up with the World Cup. Throughout the series, hundreds of fans are enjoying the matches on a big screen in Bethlehem.

At the 'Wall Lounge' there are tables and seats where people can enjoy a drink and a snack during the warm evenings while they keep up with the latest scores.

Cafe owner Abraham said: "Many people live in very crowded rooms so it is lovely for them to come here and watch on the big screen. Sometimes we have whole families here."

Football fan Rashid said: "The wall is keeping us trapped here but this is giving us a sense of freedom and contact with the outside world. It is a real morale booster.  The wall makes a good cinema screen. It is making something good out of something bad."

More and more  Palestinian and Jewish artists  and poets on both sides of the Wall have been finding imaginative uses for the Wall.  In many sections, the blank concrete slabs are now covered in paintings, drawings, poetry and political slogans.

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