Christian Aid response to UK Budget

Yesterday, the Chancellor announced the emergency budget - and despite a lot of austerity measures, there was some great news in there for developing countries, Paul Brannen from Christian Aid writes.

He goes on to say: "The Coalition Government is going to protect the aid budget and maintain the commitment to spend 0.7% on aid by 2013.

"We want to thank the Government for this commitment to tackling poverty in developing countries. However, you and I know that aid alone isn't enough. We have to tackle the causes of poverty, and in developing countries, one of the most persistent causes of poverty is tax dodging.

"Email George Osborne, and ask him to re-double his efforts to stop tax dodging in developing countries:

"At Christian Aid, we know how valuable aid can be in supporting projects that allow communities to pull themselves out of poverty.

"But the truth is that more money leaves developing countries through tax dodging than flows in through aid. So to end poverty, we also have to put a stop to tax dodging first.

"We must all play our part in transforming the structures that keep developing countries poor. Thank you for playing your part and helping us campaign for tax justice."

In April, Christian Aid sent the FTSE100 companies a survey asking them for their thoughts on tax and development. But only 51 companies have replied. Can you help them chase the remaining 49? Email them now:

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