Stonyhurst students take action for Zimbabwean boy

 Natalie Crouch, Sophie Le Breton, teachers Mrs Crossley, Mr Warrilow, with Kundai and his family

Natalie Crouch, Sophie Le Breton, teachers Mrs Crossley, Mr Warrilow, with Kundai and his family

Pupils of all ages at Stonyhurst College have been raising money to help a physically disabled boy in Zimbabwe receive the medical care he needs. A fun-run this week has finally achieved their target of £5,000.

14 year old Kundai Mangoma suffers from a rare disease which has caused a huge tumour on the right hand side of his face; this has left him with breathing difficulties and blindness in one eye. He is in much pain from the disfiguration of his jaw and facial bones and finds it difficult to eat and speak. Kundai’s parents lost all their life savings in Zimbabwe’s economic turmoil and are therefore unable to pay any of the medical bills which could improve their son’s condition.

Sixth formers, Sophie Le Breton and Natalie Crouch met Kundai when they visited Zimbabwe this year, visiting a Jesuit school with which Stonyhurst has a long-standing partnership. They were so moved by his bravery that they were determined to raise £5,000 for surgery which could change his life: they met a surgeon who told them about the major operation which should fully restore his sight, ease his breathing and discomfort and significantly change his appearance. The operation is scheduled to take place in Harare in late August so they had no time to lose!

“Kundai was lovely, very shy and uncomplaining,” said Sophie. “We were really moved to hear that his sister had died quite recently from the same condition and realised that the medical care we take for granted just isn’t available in Zimbabwe. We were determined to help and as soon as we got back to school, started a campaign to raise the money.”

A ‘Kundai Committee’ was formed immediately, with representatives from all year groups putting up posters throughout the school and organising fund-raising activities. Kundai T shirts, a ‘Home Clothes Day’, weekly cake stalls, an art competition, charity dinners and finally, a fun-run, have together achieved the target!

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