Korea: Church calls for national day of prayer for peace

As tension between North and South Korea rises to levels not seen recent years, the local Catholic Church has renewed its commitment to promoting national unity and reconciliation. The local Church  has called on all believers and all Koreans of good will to take part in a National day of prayer for Reconciliation and Unity of the Korean people, to be held all over the country on 20  June, with the theme “Blessed are the peace-makers for they will be called children of God” (Mt 5,1).

Bishop Lucas Kim Woon-hoe, President of the Korean Catholic Bishops' Commission for Reconciliation of the Korean People, told Fides: “we see that widespread awareness building on the theme of peace is a crucial necessity ”. The recent incident of a south Korean war ship, the Cheonan, reportedly sunk by a north Korean torpedo, – the event which triggered the present political crisis – “made us realise the superficiality and vulnerability of the peace we have maintained so far”, the Bishop continued, stressing that “peaceful co-existence, reconciliation and unity have once again become words and goals of major importance”.

To reduce conflict and protect peace in the Korean peninsula the Bishops have suggested activity on the 20 June Day for Peace: pray incessantly for peace; act as true peace builders; care for individuals and families who suffer because of division between the Korean people; continue offering humanitarian help to brothers and sisters in the North; nurture hope for a better future.

“Peace is never easy to obtain, it needs to be built with the help of everyone ”, said Bishop Kim. “but this step is a necessity: we must fight evil which produces war and division and we must unite in a great effort for the common good ”.

Source: Fides


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