Message of sympathy from Bishop of Lancaster

The following letter is being read publicly at the Weekend Masses in all Parishes of the West Cumbria Deanery of Our Lady and St Benedict (and the Parish of Our  Lady & St James, Millom) affecting by the shootings on Wednesday which claimed twelve lives and injured many more. .
My dear brothers and sisters in Christ in West Cumbria,

I write to you as your bishop to express my very heartfelt sorrow and  pain, and that of the whole Diocese of Lancaster, at the dreadful and  tragic events which were inflicted upon you last Wednesday, and with  which you are still trying to come to terms.  You have my deepest  sympathy at this the worst and most recent tragedy to befall your community, the third in a matter of months. Your faith and your endurance are being sorely tried.

The cruel nature of the deed, which destroyed so many innocent lives  and brought injury and heartache to countless others, leaves us numb  and confused. In the commendably close community that is West  Cumbria few of you will have been left untouched or unmoved by the  untold suffering and distress of your neighbours. Please reassure all who  have been innocently and unjustly caught up in this evil spiral that they  remain uppermost in the thoughts and prayers of the Bishop and  Catholics of Lancaster Diocese.  On Monday evening (7 June) at 7.00pm  I will offer Mass in St Begh’s Church, Whitehaven, for the deceased

victims, the injured and the bereaved. I invite as many of you who feel  able to come and join me and your priests in this Mass.

We turn to Christ the Son of God at this time of sorrow and sadness, and  beg for his healing and the strength to bear the heavy cross which has  been laid upon the people of West Cumbria.  May Our Lady, the Mother  of Jesus, embrace you all with her maternal love and care, and bring the  peace of Christ to your troubled hearts.

With my blessing and sincere prayers,
+Michael Campbell OSA
Bishop of Lancaster

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