World Cup Fundraising Fever

The Thai Children’s Trust has got World Cup Fundraising Fever.  And they will have their own World Cup Winner.

To join their World Cup Fundraiser see:

In the game, all 32 teams in the World Cup are represented with a child who is being cared for by the TCT.

All you have to do is pledge £5 to enter, pick your favourite child and team, and then sponsor every goal that your chosen team scores in the Finals.

When your team goes out (or wins the final!), you pay the sponsor money that you owe.

The Thai Childrens Trust World Cup Winner will be the child whose team raises most money.  That might not be the team that wins the actual World Cup: it’s all down to who you decide to sponsor.

Director Andrew Scadding writes: " The Thai Baht has risen by about 40% against the pound, and due to the recession, some of our child sponsors have had to withdraw.   We’ve actually had to cut the money we send to projects in Thailand.  That was a very painful thing, but this is your chance to help make things better.

"You could also forward this email to your friends and family - or get together as a group, choose different teams, and see who can pick the team that raises most money!

"Let’s make this the greatest World Cup ever for the children of Thailand."

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