Bishops offer message of hope after Cumbrian tragedy

Catholic and Anglican Bishops have spoken to Premier Christian Radio to offer a message of hope and support for those affected by the tragic shootings in Cumbria, which left 12 people dead and many injured. 

"One would be very wary giving out answers. We're standing here before what they call the mystery of evil. It is unfathomable that someone would perpetrate such horrors on innocent bystanders," said the Catholic Bishop of Lancaster, Bishop Michael Campbell. "In a curious way, such as an appalling deed as yesterday, brings out the goodness and what is the best in people. That will come to the fore as it has done and will in the days ahead. Evil will not have the last word."

The Anglican Bishop of Carlisle, Reverend James Newcome, joined Bishop Campbell in offering solidarity to those affected by the tragedy.

"The churches have reacted ecumenically and have been working very close together to do whatever they can to help both the victims and of course their families and friends."

"One of the natural and understandable reactions on the part of sum has been where is God in all this, and has God deserted us? The message that we're trying to put across as sensitively as we can is that God doesn't take away all our suffering and pain. The message of the crucifixion is that he actually is there, right in it with us."

Both Bishops praised the spirit of the local community. "You haven't any easy answers, but you stand alongside them and grieve with them. I have no doubt, in true West Cumbrian fashion, there will be great neighbourliness and deep compassion that will enable them to go on," said Bishop Campbell.

A vigil for the victims of the shootings will be held from 7pm-10pm tonight (Thursday) in Egremont Parish Church. "It will be an opportunity for people to come along to pray quietly. It gives people an opportunity to reflect on what's happened in the context of the world that God has made and God Himself, to look for His peace and comfort," added Bishop Newcome.

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Source: Premier Radio

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