Bethlehem community leader nominated for world peace prize

Zoughbi Zoughbi

Zoughbi Zoughbi

Mr Zoughbi Zoughbi and the Wi'am Centre in Bethlehem has been nominated for the 2010 World Vision International Peace Prize.  The Fellowship of Reconciliation (FoR) has visited Mr Zoughbi at the Wi’am Centre, and hosted a UK speaking tour for him in 2007.

Chris Cole, FoR director said: "Last year FoR took young peacemakers on a delegation to Palestine and Israel which was a profound and moving experience for all.  FoR promotes peacemaking, non-violence and reconciliation so it was a privilege to be able to take the young people to meet Mr Zoughbi and see how one Palestinian initiative helps young people to learn peaceful methods of conflict resolution."

The International Peacemakers Fund (IPF) has supported the Wi'am Centre to deliver key programmes by providing financial support for projects.  These funds are raised, by donations from individuals, grants and church congregations. A recent project funded concerned the training of young people in methods of non-violent protest.
John Cooper, IPF Fundraiser said: "It's fantastic that we've contributed to a story of hope now nominated for an international peace prize.  The IPF’s grants provide the financial support that courageous peacemakers like Mr Zoughbi need.  We can only continue to support peacemaking projects like this around the world if congregations and individuals continue to give generously of their money and prayers for our work."

Fellowship of Reconciliation is an ecumenical Christian Peace Charity, founded in 1914, that explores what it means today to live out opposition to war and service to peace from a Christian perspective. We work on a broad front of education, campaigning, public witness and support for active, spiritually-based nonviolence.

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