Two Irish bishops retire

Pope Benedict accepted the resignations of Bishop Joseph Duffy, bishop of Clogher and Bishop Francis Lagan, an auxiliary of the diocese of Derry. Msgr Liam MacDaid will succeed Bishop Duffy. 

Cardinal Seán Brady said in a statement: "I would like to acknowledge the contribution that Bishop Duffy and Bishop Lagan have made to the work of the Bishops' Conference and to their respective Dioceses of Clogher and Derry.  Between them they have served their dioceses and the Bishops' Conference for a total of 53 years (Bishop Duffy 31 years and Bishop Lagan 22 years).
During their time as Bishops they have witnessed the terrible violence and tragedies which were part of the troubles.  Thankfully in recent years they have witnessed the peace which has come to this part of Ireland.  I want to pay tribute to them for their work in preaching about and striving for peace and harmony here in Northern Ireland.  I offer them my prayers and blessings and I wish them both many years of good health and happiness in their retirement.
I want to take this opportunity also to congratulate Mgr Liam MacDaid on his appointment as Bishop of Clogher.  I wish him well as he takes on the leadership of the diocese of Clogher.  As a native son he is well aware of the deep faith of the people of the diocese first shepherded by St Macartan.  They are a people whom he has served faithfully as a priest since ordination and on whose prayers and loyal support he can now most certainly count.  The dioceses of Armagh and Clogher are closely linked in history and we have always worked together down through the years on many different issues and I look forward to continuing that cooperation."
On learning of his appointment as Bishop of Clogher, Monsignor Liam MacDaid said: "I am deeply humbled and honoured to be chosen for this difficult ministry to our people.  It is however encouraging to know that where God's grace is allowed to work, all things are possible and the weak find strength.  I am confident that in the ministry of our priests and in the witness of our faithful people, God's word can be spoken, heard and lived.  We owe this responsibility to our children and our young people.  They need the guidance of God's Word and the nourishment of the Eucharist. God's Spirit will lead us there."

Source: Irish Catholic Media Office

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