ICN tenth birthday

Independent Catholic News is ten today!  Many thanks to everyone who has helped on this project and given us so much encouragement and support.

When ICN was launched on 4 May 2000, we only produced two updates a week.  Now news is posted up every day - with links to Facebook and Twitter.

The number of readers continues to increase. Since January we have been getting more than 120,000 unique visits,  and over two and a half million hits each month, from all over the world.

ICN is run on an entirely voluntary basis. Our main expenses are web hosting fees, software, hardware and technical support, which have so far been covered by small grants, donations and e-mail subscriptions. We have also started carrying a few adverts. 

This year we are hoping to launch a student internship scheme and recruit more volunteers. We are also working on some more technical developments.

If you would like to support our work, donations can be made on-line through the PayPal service on our front page.  For more information see:  About this Site at: www.indcatholicnews.com/news.php?viewStory=1

We welcome your comments and advice.  Please send news, letters, listings and links to: edit@indcatholicnews.com - and remember us in your prayers.

Best wishes

Jo Siedlecka

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