Letter: young peace campaigners demand more from election candidates

The leadership debate this week sidelined young people's desire for a peaceful future. Trident is not the only policy that needs reviewing. We have seen an approach to security which relies on the fear factor and militarism, whilst supporting the perpetrators of mass atrocities through arms sales and offering them refuge.

Genuine security could be found in robust accountability for those who commit war crimes and crimes against humanity; it could be found by redirecting resources from the arms trade to tackling climate change and avoiding the resource conflict and food insecurity that will follow if it is left unchecked.

The UK has the fourth highest military budget in the world and recent figures show that government spending on arms research is about 60 times that on renewables. The UK government actively supports arms exports to countries with serious human rights concerns including China, Saudi Arabia and Libya.

The signs are not good for the peaceful future that young people want to see.

The 27th of April will present an opportunity as senior party figures come together with 500 new voters to show their commitment to putting young people's concerns at the heart of post-election policies. Will New Voters bring New Politics?

Becca Massey-Chase, Aegis Students
Anne-Marie O'Reilly, Campaign Against Arms Trade
Amy Hailwood, Network of Christian Peace Organisations

The Network for Christian Peace Organisations, Aegis Students and Campaign Against Arms Trade is running the International Conflict session of a young people's Question Time with top politicians from all major parties on Tuesday: 'New Voters New Politics'.

The participatory Question Time will contrast the failure of the leadership debates to address young people's concerns and point towards a new politics for the future.

For more information see: newvoters.org.uk/

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