Gospel of Matthew by Candlelight

George Dillon in  The Gospel of Matthew

George Dillon in The Gospel of Matthew

Award-winning actor George Dillon is bringing his widely acclaimed, highly intense, very human and occasionally humorous performance of  The Gospel of Matthew to London for the first time, when he will  perform by candle-light in three of the most beautiful churches in  London's West End as a part of the Pentecost Festival in May.

Inspired by an encounter with Bob Geldof at Euston Station and a book by  Enoch Powell, and created in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, this is a  vision of Jesus not as a gentle, meek and mild lamb to the slaughter but  as a contemporary raging freedom fighter for God - an angry Jesus - a  Jesus who is angry at humanity but also human in his anger.

Dillon's translation and performance is startling and challenging, but  also wholly authentic to Matthew's Gospel. Nominated for The Stage's  Best Actor Award at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2003, the show has toured to  theatres and churches throughout the UK, and been filmed for Scottish TV.

May marks the 20th anniversary of George Dillon's career as a solo  performer. In 1990 he left the West End run of Berkoff's Salome to  perform a three hour solo show above a pub during the Brighton Festival.  Since then his seven highly acclaimed shows have toured to eight countries and won a Herald 'Angel' award and numerous other award nominations.


Tuesday 18 May - St Paul's, Covent Garden (the Actor's Church)
Wednesday 19 May - St James's, Piccadilly
Thursday 20 May - Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church, Shaftesbury Avenue

Doors: 7pm, Starts: 7.30pm (ends 9.30pm) Tickets: £6

To book see: www.pentecostfestival.co.uk/tickets or call 08444 771 000

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