Requiem Mass at Westminster Cathedral for Polish air crash victims

Katyn Memorial at Gunnersbury in London

Katyn Memorial at Gunnersbury in London

A Requiem Mass for Lech Kaczynski, the late President of Poland,  and all those who died in the plane crash in Smolensk on 11 April will be take place at Westminster Cathedral at 7pm on Thursday 29 April.

The Principal Celebrant will be the Most Reverend Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster.  A number of Polish religious and community leaders will attend the Mass including: Mgr Stefan Wylężek,  Rector of the Polish Catholic Mission in England and Wales, HE Ms. Barbara Tuge Erecińska, Polish Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Archbishop Sczepan Wesoły, Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus of Gniezno and Bishop Wojciech Polak, Auxiliary Bishop of Gniezno and Polish Catholic Bishops’ Conference delegate for the pastoral care of Polish migrants in Britain. The Mass is an initiative of the Diocese of Westminster, the Polish Catholic Mission to England and Wales and the Polish Embassy in the United Kingdom.

The Mass will be open to the public. As large numbers of people are expected to attend, the Mass will also be relayed live on a video screen in the piazza in front of Westminster Cathedral.

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