A leap of faith

Clare and Michael

Clare and Michael

Some people propose during a candlelit dinner or stroll in the park. IT consultant Michael Diaz chose something much more exciting. He asked girlfriend Clare Gallagher  to marry him seconds before they jumped out of a plane - 10,000 feet in the air over Ireland.

Michael said: "Eight hours of waiting for the go-ahead was more than enough and it was a spontaneous thing... I'm not sure if the screaming was a result of being pushed out of the plane or out of happiness. Either way she said yes when we were safely down!"

Michael and Clare made the sponsored skydive as a tribute to Clare's father Danny, who died in October 2004, and to raise funds for the Trinity Hospice, near Clapham Common in south London,  who cared for him during his final illness.

Clare said: "Our Dad went into the hospice in his last days and you could see the stresses and strains of his illness leave him when he did. The staff were kind, friendly, sympathetic, ready to listen and treated him with the utmost respect.  They comforted him when he was frightened and we were never asked to leave because ‘visiting hours were over’."

The staff at Trinity Hospice ensured that Clare's Mum Rose could stay with him on his first night, and Clare said the compassion shown by the social worker on duty inspired her to become one herself later on.

Michael said: "He was only 62. He lived his life to the full, was a stubborn individual -  a trait he has passed on to his children  - but was also very caring, loving, kind, considerate and we could spend hours regaling you with stories that would have many of you in stitches!

Trinity Hospice provides care for people with advanced illnesses within their homes or at the hospice, supporting them in living every moment and achieving the best possible quality of life. Everyone receives the treatment and support they require however long it is needed, free of charge. They serve a population of ¾ million people in central and southwest London and support over 2,000 people a year.
Clare and Michael are planning to get married next May. If you would like to make a donation to their fundraising for Trinity Hospice on JustGiving,  see: www.justgiving.com/Miguels-Skydive

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