Philippines: six die in bomb attacks

At least six people have been confirmed dead and four wounded in a string of explosions today in Isabela City, on the southern Philippine Basilan Island. The preliminary toll was announced by the local media, citing government sources.

The Philippine Daily Inquirer report that the attackers – whose identity remains unknown – targeted an Education Ministry building and a church, using explosives and firearms.

Basilan Bishop Martin Jumoad said one of the bombs ripped through the cathedral, causing damages but without claiming any victims. After the first blasts, the attackers and soldiers engaged in a three hour gunbattle, while reports concerning the toll from Isabela City remain confused.

Basilan Island is one of the most unstable and insecure regions of the country, ruled by various rival armed groups active against the Manila government. Similar episodes occurred in the same area in both February and March, leaving many dead and injured.

Source: MISNA

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