Replica Shroud of Turin at Westminster Cathedral

A week-long exhibition on the Shroud of Turin has opened in St Patrick’s Chapel in Westminster Cathedral, to coincide with the display of the Shroud at Turin Cathedral in Italy.

Researched and developed by British artist Pam Moon, the exhibition centres on a full-length replica of the shroud, thought by some to have been placed on the body of Jesus at the time of his burial.

Pam Moon, explained: “The purpose of this exhibition is to use the shroud as a visual aid to tell the story of the Passion and the resurrection of Jesus Christ.”

For the past six years, Mrs Moon has been giving talks about the Shroud. She explained: “I have been fascinated by the Turin Shroud since I was a teenager and when I received a gift of money for my 50th birthday from my mother, I decided to use it to buy a full-length replica printed on cotton and two photographic negatives to add interest to my talks.”

"The replica image was created by an American photographer, Barrie Schwortz, who was the official photographer at the Shroud of Turin Research Project’s examination of the shroud in 1978. The full-length replica is currently one of only six in the world.

“I was deeply moved when I first saw the full-length images. It is possible to get an idea of the shroud from television pictures, books, magazines and newspapers articles, but seeing it in its entirety is profoundly challenging. I am thrilled that this exhibition is being shown in such a highly regarded venue as Westminster Cathedral.”

Admission to the exhibition is free of charge. For more information see:

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