Holy Land: four injured in airstrikes

At least four Palestinians were injured in an Israeli airstrike last night targeting the Tuffah neighbourhood of Gaza city, the Palestinian Maan news agency reports citing medical and security sources.

The air attack targeted a home east of Gaza City, reportedly damaging several homes. According to Israeli military sources, the target was an arms depot: “The strike was carried out in response to the recent wave of rocket attacks against the communities of southern Israel”, said an army spokesman to the Israeli Haaretz news agency, referring to a rocket attack that last week left a Thai worker dead.

"The IDF (Israeli Defence Force) will not put up with attempts to harm the citizens of Israel or IDF soldiers, and will continue to act with strength and determination against any entity using terrorism against the state of Israel,” the army spokesman added.

Haaretz also reports that the Israeli army is investigating two West Bank incidents in which Israeli soldiers shot dead four Palestinians in less than 24 hours. In the first episode, two Palestinians were shot dead on Saturday in the village of Iraq Burin, near Nablus, while protesting against restrictions on access to their land; the Israeli soldiers first claimed that rubber bullets were used. In the second case, an Israeli sergeant shot dead two Palestinians farmers in Awerta, claiming he felt his life was in danger when they attacked him with a bottle and a syringe.

 The Palestinian National Authority (PNA) accused Israel of killing the two Palestinian youths in cold blood, while the Israeli Central Command admitted yesterday that the shooting was “a regrettable incident” and should not have ended in killing two Palestinians.

Source: Missionary News Service

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