Mothers Day Appeal

lunchtime at the Fountain of Life

lunchtime at the Fountain of Life

To celebrate International Women's Day and  Mother's Day, please spare a thought for vulnerable mothers in Thailand.

In Pattaya, a small centre is dedicated to empowering vulnerable women through education and retraining. Many of these destitute and desperate women have children, who are particularly at risk - often living in slums, attending school erratically, or neglected and abused.The Fountain of Life, run by the Good Shepherd Sisters in Pattaya, aims to empower vulnerable women through education and vocational training.

The Fountain of Life seeks to help these women change their lives, which in turn transforms the lives of their children. It offers training in hairdressing, languages, cooking, computing, typing and courses in health and personal development. It teaches the women self-reliance and self-esteem, and offers them a safe, non-judgmental haven. It enables them to rebuild their lives, and to give their children the security and care that they need.

This Mother's Day, can you help the women and children of the Fountain of Life? You can buy a special virtual gift at:   Gifts include: an eye test;  dental checkup; sewing kit; swimming lessons; sack of rice, or a meal.

If you are a teacher, you can download a Fountain of Life Lesson Plan.

The Trust has also prepared a special Fountain of Life reading for church services which you can download here:

For more information on the Fountain of Life see:

Thank you for thinking of other mothers this Mother's Day.

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