Government U turn on Mobile Homes Act

 Dear Friends and Colleagues
The government is reneging on its promise to amend the Mobile Homes Act, providing security of tenure for Gypsy and Traveller people living on Council caravan sites.
If you are a Council tenant in a house or a flat and the Council takes possession action against you, you are entitled to put your case in Court. However, if you are a Gypsy or a Traveller on a Council caravan site you have no such right. Both the European Court of Human Rights (in 2004) and the House of Lords (in 2008) have said that this situation amounted to a breach of Human Rights. The Government said they would amend the law by including Council sites within the provisions of the Mobile Homes Act 1983.
The government after a drawn out period of consultation has decided not to introduce the amendment.
The Community Law Partnership is urgently looking for Gypsy and Traveller people to challenge this decision. Please direct any queries to one of the CLP team on 0121 685 8595.
Perhaps together we can make a difference.
Philip Regan
Irish Traveller Movement in Britain
London Partnership Development Officer
T: 0207 607 2002
T: 0207 607 2002

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