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Jenifer on the Chamrai tea estate

Jenifer on the Chamrai tea estate

One million and one people are being invited to join in The Big Swap this Fairtrade Fortnight. The nation is being asked to swap their usual stuff for Fairtrade stuff; for example, your usual wine, sugar, or oranges for Fairtrade wine, sugar or oranges.

Each swap will be proof that UK consumers want developing world producers to get a better deal. Everyone can take part. Even if you are already dunking Fairtrade biscuits into your Fairtrade cup of tea, you can still join in. There will still be countless other products that you could swap for Fairtrade alternatives. Or you could use our church action guide to encourage others in your parish to take the plunge and make a swap.

Currently more than 3,000 different Fairtrade products - from honey to herbs - are available to UK shoppers. Nearly 6,000 UK churches have become Fairtrade Churches.
The UK is one of the world’s leading Fairtrade markets, with greater awareness and more Fairtrade products than anywhere else - but there are many people who haven't yet woken up to the taste of Fairtrade and don't know the difference it can make.

The Fairtrade premium, an extra payment invested in community development, brings practical help and hope for the future to producers, like those working on the Chamrai tea estate in India.

15-year-old Jenifer’s parents work on the estate, and she’s benefited from improvements to the local hospital and school – all funded by the Fairtrade premium. She explains that as a result, “Our standard of education has improved. The computer training has really improved our chances of going to college and getting a good job. We are very lucky.

Fairtrade Fortnight runs from 22 February - 7 March.  For more information and to register your swaps, see:

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