Arms Trade has no place in universities say Christian students

Christian students yesterday joined in a national day of action against the arms trade.  The Student Christian Movement urged churches to recognise that Jesus would oppose the arms trade.

Students across the UK campaigned against their universities accepting funding from arms companies in a range of actions coordinated by Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT).

Actions included students at York University holding a vigil for the victims of the arms trade with songs, poems and candles.  Lancaster students hosted a talk about the arms trade, in a building funded by BAE systems.

National Coordinator of the Student Christian Movement, Hilary Topp, said: "University research departments should be properly funded by the government.  The arms trade causes untold suffering around the world and should have no place in Higher Education."

Rachel McCarthy, a student at Lancaster University said: "If we reflect on the message of our faith, I believe we must stand up for what is right, and follow the path of love taught by Jesus, the Prince of Peace."

The day is just one of several recent events which seem to buck the trend of perceived student apathy.  The Student Christian Movement conference (19-21 February), which explored spirituality and activism, saw the highest turnout for more than 20 years.

The Student Christian Movement is an ecumenical student-led movement passionate about faith and justice.  We bring students together to explore how to live out the Christian faith in today's world. For more information see:

The national student day of action against arms trade was coordinated by Campaign Against Arms Trade,


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