Lenten resources from the Columbans

A DVD, books and educational resources have been published by the Columban Missionary Society this week.

DVD - Stations of the Rainforests. For Lent 2010, Columban Faith and Justice in Britain has produced a new DVD, Stations of the Rainforests. This revised audio-visual incorporates more global issues related to rainforest destruction, such as the impact of extractive industries, loss of biodiversity and climate change. Links are revealed with human impoverishment and loss of livelihoods.
A Resource Booklet accompanies the DVD, providing the script, an agenda for meetings using the DVD, a reflection for each of the Stations and material for liturgies.  £7 inclusive of p&p from Columban JPIC Office, St. Joseph's, Watford Way, Hendon, London NW4 4TY. 020 8202 2555.  www.columbans.co.uk
Also available from the Columban office in Hendon:

Climate Change: The Agenda for Mission Today. Contains papers and reports presented in 2007 at a Columban international conference in the Philippines on climate change. Columbans in Peru reported that an area of rainforest the size of forty-three soccer pitches disappears in the Peruvian Amazon every 90 minutes and that 22 percent of Peru’s tropical glaciers have melted in the past 25 years. Columbans in Pakistan reported that flash floods in June 2007 displaced two million people after
unusually heavy rain. In a statement from Manila, Columban JPIC representatives, including Fr Peter Hughes from Britain, said that “the endangered Earth demands a new prophetic way of being missionaries”. £6 inclusive of p&p. Special price for the two - £10 inclusive of p&p.

And the following resources, published by Kevin Mayhew Publishers, have been written by Ellen Teague of the Columban JPIC Team:
Our Earth, Our Home - Green Assemblies for Key Stage 1-2 (2009). These assemblies, for primary age children, aim to help them understand their relationship with the environment as part of the web of life, and to develop respect for other species and natural resources. They also create awareness about the need for a healthy and fruitful environment for livelihoods and health of human society in every part of the world. Designed to be presented by the children, they are easily adjustable to suit both the very young and slightly older, and incorporate arts, crafts, dance and mime. There are suggestions for images to display during each assembly, youtube clip ideas and activities for follow up. £15.99 from Kevin Mayhew Publishers on 01449 737978 or

Paint the Church Green - A group course
(2008)This guide enables church groups to explore the relationship between faith and concern for the natural world. By highlighting environmental issues, unsustainable development and the link with global poverty, it prompts reflection on western lifestyle and makes suggestions for change. Paint the Church Green features six session agendas: People and Planet, Food and Drink, Battling the Elements, Energy for the Future, Abundant Life, and Covenant with Creation. Price: £5.99 + £2 p&p from Kevin Mayhew Publishers
Becoming a Green Christian (2009) It seems like everyone is “going green”.  What about joining them? This booklet will help individuals to do just that. There are many different ways to be a little greener, such as recycling, cycling to work, reusing plastic bags, and reducing food miles. Even growing your own fruits and vegetables is making a comeback among young families, and children have fun doing it. Working together to be more environmentally responsible in parishes and schools can be rewarding for church communities too. £8.99 + £2 p&p from Kevin Mayhew Publishers. 

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