New monks double number of Hong Kong Trappists

Our Lady of Joy Abbey

Our Lady of Joy Abbey

Hong Kong's Our Lady of Joy monastery has doubled the number of its monks following the perpetual vows of two new Trappists on January 30.

There was immense joy at the ceremony, not only because after so many years the monastery which had only two elderly monks has two new vocations, but also because their religious profession was held during the Diocesan Year for Priestly Vocations, Fides reports.

Speaking before the service, attended by hundreds, Abbot Anastasius Li Sun said: "I hope that everyone will especially remember vocations for the diocese, religious institutes, and the monastery."
The Hong Kong diocese Chinese bulletin reports that the two monks took their vows before the congregation, firmly reiterating their commitment to devote themselves to the contemplative life "by observing silence, prayer, work, and a life of holiness."

The Abbey of Our Lady of Joy in Hong Kong is highly regarded by Chinese Catholics. The 16 original monks built their own beautiful monastery on a remote mountain that was a gift from the Hong Kong government to the monks when they fled from the mainland in 1950, taking with them no more than the tunics they were wearing.
The Trappist-Cistercians arrived in China's He Bei Province in 1883 and founded the 'Our Lady of Consolation Abbey' who was the first Cistercian monastery in Asia. In 1928 they founded another, 'Our Lady of Joy Abbey' also in He Bei.

The order was dissolved by force in July 1947 and the monastery was destroyed in August of that year. But the monks did not give up, and in 1947 they moved to the city of Cheng Du, in the Province of Si Chuan, and  then to Hong Kong in 1950, with the 16 remaining monks who rebuilt the Our Lady of Joy Abbey.

In 1986, they opened the monastery of The Holy Mother of God in Nan Tou, Taiwan. Today, living in the monastery in Hong Kong are 17 monks: nine priests and eight  brothers.

Many thanks to  Fr Donald  for this information which he published on Dom Donald's Blog on  Friday:

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