Short film on legalisation of assisted suicide

Parliament has refused to change the law on Assisted Suicide. However, campaigners  are concerned that the law will now be circumvented, because, they say: "we have a prosecutor that won’t prosecute, judges that won’t uphold the law and a media that won’t give a fair coverage of the issue."

Christian Concern for our Nation and the Christian Legal Centre say: "Any action we take in challenging the legalisation of Assisted Suicide must be taken prayerfully.  God has prevented the legalisation of Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia in this country many times before, so we must ask Him to do so again.

"In the coming days, the Director of Public Prosecutions, Keir Starmer, is due to publish his guidelines on the circumstances in which he would or would not bring a prosecution against someone assisting in the suicide of another person in England and Wales, both within these countries and overseas.  The guidelines would, in effect, provide a 'check-list' for those who want to help others die, so they can avoid prosecution whilst achieving their purposes at the same time."

The Centre also calls on readers to write to their MPs and Keir Starmer appealing for the law to be upheld. For more information and to see a short film see:

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