The Equality Bill and the Pope

The Pope has aroused some controversy to say the least,  over his comments about British Equality legislation. He has been accused of interfering in internal British Politics.  However in view of the fact that  the British Government lectures other countries on their attitudes to Gay Rights clearly we cannot complain about "foreign" interference in our country.

Barrister Neil Addison writes on his Blog:
As for my view on the entire subject well try to imagine the following conversation:

"Well Nick you certainly have all the qualifications and experience that we require to work as a Media advisor to the Labour Party. However because of the nature of the job and the fact that you will be working closely with Labour MP's I would like to ask you some questions. Are you a member of the Labour Party ?"

"Frankly Harriet I don't see how that question is relevant to my ability and qualifications to do the job."

"Well you see Nick because of the type of organisation we are we need to know that all our staff comply with our values and principles so I must ask you once again are you a member of the Labour Party ?"

"Since you ask I am a member of the BNP but that won't affect my ability  to do this job. My membership of the BNP is a purely personal matter."

To read the rest of Neil Addison's blog on this subject, see:

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