London: become a CAFOD volunteer

This time last year, CAFOD made an appeal to the people of the Diocese of Westminster asking them to put themselves forward as volunteers as part of their New Years’ resolution for 2009. The response was remarkable. Over 60 people attended an Understanding CAFOD workshop and many went on to become committed volunteers for CAFOD.

One attendee at the workshop last January was John O’Brien a businessman from Chiswick. John already had a passion for justice and experience in public speaking. He has since trained as a volunteer speaker for CAFOD. John visits parishes local to him, making appeals at Masses or explaining CAFOD’s work to Justice and Peace groups. John explains that, ‘After the nerves of the first talk it is really enjoyable and I have met some great people. It does not take a huge amount of time and, to me, it feels a really worthwhile thing to be doing.’

As we enter a new decade, the needs of people living with poverty around the world remain great. The current financial crisis is a difficult and worrying time for us all. But for those already living in extreme poverty, it’s a catastrophe.

The World Bank says that 56 million more people in developing countries have been driven into poverty this year. Severe food shortages, price rises and job losses have left them struggling to feed themselves and their families.

As they try to keep their heads above water, millions are being forced to sell everything they own, including assets which they rely on to make a living. Child labour is on the increase, and illness is crippling entire communities because healthcare has become a luxury that few can afford.

CAFOD has been working alongside poor communities to help them overcome poverty for over forty years and will continue to do so through these new challenges.

2010 is the year that South Africa, a country until so recently mired in the injustice of the apartheid system, will host the football World Cup. The continuing recovery of South Africa is a testament to how people-power can help solve a seemingly insurmountable structural problem. CAFOD faces the coming decade with hope but none of CAFOD’s work would be possible without the many people who give their time and skills to raise awareness of the organisation here in the UK.

At this time we invite you to make a fresh commitment to global justice by volunteering for CAFOD. We are in special need of volunteers who would be comfortable speaking at Mass, or presenting CAFOD’s work to small groups of adults or young people.

Find out more

To find out more please contact CAFOD Westminster on 020 8449 6970 or to book a place on the next Understanding CAFOD workshop day which will be held on Saturday,  30 January,  at CAFOD’s international office in Stockwell.

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