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Soul Sustenance: A Short Irish Miscellany, published by the Irish Chaplaincy in Britain (ICB)   is a delightful collection of Irish poems and prayers beautifully illustrated with stunning photographs by Elisabeth Blanchet. At only £1 a copy it is a great way to warm a soul and support ICB's work with vulnerable Irish emigrants, all at the same time!

It has been edited by Fr Gerry McFlynn who has a chosen a selection of 18 inspiring Irish poems, prayers and reflections from writers old and new. From traditional Celtic blessings, to the modern verse of Seamus Heaney to the unsurpassed wit of Oscar Wilde, this will be a treasured Christmas gift providing soul sustenance for all.

Fr Gerry Mcflynn writes in the foreword to the gift book: "A famous American philosopher once said that most people lead lives of quiet desperation. This is probably even truer of those groups on the margins of society, groups such as prisoners, members of the Travelling community, and older people living alone. For over fifty years, the Irish Chaplaincy in Britain has been providing a much-valued outreach service to these groups, visiting them and offering practical help and support. This work continues unabated.

The pressures of modern living, combined with the difficult situations these people often find themselves in, can have a corroding effect on their inner peace and contentment. It is hoped that this modest book of Irish poems, prayers and reflections will bring comfort, spiritual strength and encouragement to those who live and work at the margins, as well as those who feel the need from time to time to step off life’s treadmill in search of a moment’s liberty.”

Please support the work of ICB by ordering your copies at only £1 each from Steph (plus 39p postage and package)  tel:0207 4825528 Email:

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