Congo: priest shot dead

A Congolese priest, Father Daniel Cizimya, was killed on Saturday night by unidentified gunmen in the presbytery of his parish in Kabare, 15km from the city of Bukavu in the north-eastern province of South Kivu, Fr Justin Nkinzi of the diocesan Justice and Peace told the  Missionary News Service.

Fr Cizimya, 51, born in Kabare, was shot twice at point blank and few objects of little value were stolen by the killers before fleeing the scene. The local clergy are said to be in a state of shock at yet another act of violence against religious in the region.

“Despite intimidation, we know that our villages belong to us, we have to protect them and learn to live in them. Despite everything, we must have courage”, Monsignor Pierre Bulambo Lunanga, vicar general of Bukavu, said in a statement. He denounced the spread of “a culture of trivialising life and of impunity”.

The death of Fr Daniel sparked tension in Kabare: an angry crowd intercepted a car yesterday with three people onboard suspected to be connected to the priest’s death; a person was killed and various wounded after the police intervened to restore

Source: MISNA

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