Wave story

Doug Lowe with granddaughters Emily and Katy

Doug Lowe with granddaughters Emily and Katy

Doug Lowe from Somerset joined the Wave on Saturday with granddaughters Emily and Katie.

He writes: "sorry could not get into the prayer service (it was so overcrowded)  so did not see Bishop Declan  which is a shame as I am sure he would have loved to try on my Blue wig and wavy  hands!"

Instead, Doug writes: "We had a great time up in St Martin in the Fields where another service was happening but not very good for children so after our sandwiches in Trafalgar Square, walked  up to join the march stopping on the way to look at different shop windows and of course photos taken of our wave head dress !!!!

"Having joined the march we went along chatting to lots of people and of course chanting (what do we want) Climate Justice  (when do we want it ) NOW. Saw Fr Bob Rainbow from Wellington at Taunton station on his way up but did not see him later but with 40,000+ at the rally not surprising. After the wave rally we went up Oxford Street to window shop, I think until we get those shoppers on board around the world in wealthy countries we will not get a solution to Climate change but I do think if people did a little it would help a lot.

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