3,000 children attend Advent Service at Westminster Cathedral

Archbishop Vincent with children and Larry the donkey

Archbishop Vincent with children and Larry the donkey

Larry the donkey returned to Westminster Cathedral to help tell the Christmas story at the eighth annual Advent Carol Service for Catholic primary schools last Tuesday.

This year, Westminster Cathedral and the Catholic Children's Society (Westminster) held one service in the morning and another in the afternoon. 3,000 children sang carols and took part in the service which celebrated the Christmas story.  Larry the donkey took part in both services, carrying Mary and Jesus towards the sanctuary while the children sang “Little Donkey”.

Archbishop Vincent Nichols, President of the Catholic Children's Society (Westminster), was principal celebrant of the morning service. It was his first attendance at the Carol Concert as the Society's President. Bishop Alan Hopes, Auxiliary Bishop in Westminster, was principal celebrant of the afternoon service.

During the morning service, Archbishop Vincent Nichols said: “the Catholic Children's Society (Westminster) is the most important charity in the Diocese as it helps children and families.” Dr Rosemary Keenan, who attended the Carol Concerts said: “such an endorsement of the Society on my first day as Chief Executive is extremely encouraging, not just for the children and families with which we work, but also my colleagues at the Society”.

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