Irish diocese holds Liturgy of Hope

The Diocese of Kildare and Leighlin is holding a Liturgy of Hope in every church in the Diocese today in order to build community and support those affected by the recession.
The service is particularly intended for those who don't regularly attend church, young people and newcomers. Speaking about the liturgy Bishop Jim Moriarty, Bishop of Kildare and Leighlin said: “Each year for the past six years the diocese has had a Christmas gift campaign as part of a Reach Out initiative in the diocese. This year our focus is on reaching out to those who are feeling the effects of the economic winter that we find ourselves in."

"The message of hope is at the centre of our faith and it can raise our spirits and our hearts up from the worry of these days and remind us that the light of Christ reaches even to the darkest corners of our lives.”

Bishop Moriarty continued: “I would like to re-state what I spoke about in my Lenten message earlier this year - that we need to speak up for measures designed to enable families to keep their homes. Again what is needed here is a set of long-term solutions and not just a temporary deferral.

“We believe that our shared prayer on December 3rd can remind us that together we are stronger, that there is a future for each and every one of us and that in days to come all will be well.”

The Liturgy of Hope  will include readings, reflections, prayers and song. It is expected that the liturgy will take approximately 45 minutes.

In recent years the parishes of the diocese have distributed a Christmas gift. The gift this year is a fridge magnet, upon which is printed an excerpt from a letter of St Paul.

Parishioners will also receive a card from Bishop Moriarty and a prayer for families to pray together before their Christmas meal. All the content of this year’s Christmas gift has been sourced within the diocese, supporting the local economy in difficult times.

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