New on-line fair trade shop supports trafficked children

A new online fair trade shop has been launched to raise money for child  victims of trafficking and exploitation.

The innovative idea is the result of a new partnership between Ethic Trade and the campaigning charity Jubilee Campaign. A full 20% of the money (pre-VAT) generated by sales from the shop will go to the charity.

“This is a fantastic development and a win-win situation for everyone,”  said Danny Smith, Jubilee Campaign’s Founder. “Customers get first class products. They will also have the satisfaction of knowing that all their purchases come from producers who pay fair wages and do not exploit their workers or use child labour. In this way, shoppers play a direct  part in helping to fight poverty. And every sale raises funds for  Jubilee Campaign’s work to help Children at Risk. We’re delighted with  this brilliant new partnership.”

The new online shop offers a wide selection of clothing, jewellery,  household items, crafts, garden accessories and creative gift ideas. To  access the shop, go to

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