Teams of Our Lady celebrate 50th anniversary

Mayor Surgenor with Maria Carla and Carlo Volpini

Mayor Surgenor with Maria Carla and Carlo Volpini

Hundreds of married couples from all over Britain came together in St Gregory's Catholic church in Cheltenham on Saturday, to mark the 50th anniversary of the British Teams of Our Lady ( Equipes Notre Dame).

Mass was celebrated by Rt Rev  Geoffrey Scott, OSB, Abbot of Douai, with the Abbot of Prinknash, Dom Francis Baird, OSB. Among many other clergy present were Canon Bosco MacDonald, Rector of St Gregory's and Canon Alan Finley from Clifton Cathedral.

Cllr. Lloyd Surgenor, Mayor of Cheltenham attended the Mass and buffet in St Gregory's School afterwards. Founding members of the Cheltenham Teams, Mr Harry Meigh and his wife, Clotilde, were there to cut the celebratory cake.

Leading members of the international Teams of Our Lady, Maria Carla and Carlo Volpini had travelled from Italy to join the celebrations. An interpreter translated as they spoke to the congregation in Italian.

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