life on the streets

life on the streets

Primary and secondary school students  are invited to enter The Thai Children's Trust Writing Competition.  A case study of  a boy called ‘Chap’ has been chosen  to inspire young people to produce a creative writing piece.  Chap lives at a Drop in Centre for Street kids in Pattaya, Thailand.

The First Prize winner will win a visit by award winning writer Tabitha Suzuma to their school, receive a signed copy of one of her books and a goody bag from Thai Children’s Trust.

Two runner up prizes will be a goody bag from TCT.

All  winners’ entries will be published online.

Entries can be typed or handwritten.  To be submitted before the 1st February 2010

7-11 year olds, title ‘The Runaway’

Read the information about Chap. Brainstorm words you could use in your writing.  Try to develop your vocabulary by introducing new words such as; bold, courageous, remote, hardship. Now you have read and thought about what it must have been like for Chap, write your own story called ‘The Runaway’. It does not have to be set in Thailand. Think about some of the feelings Chap might have had, and include them in your story.

Word limit 500 words

11-16 year olds, title: ‘The Runaway’

Read the information about Chap to inspire your story. After you've read and thought about what it must have been like for Chap, think of other reasons people may run away. Your story does not have to be set in Thailand. Think about some of the feelings Chap might have had, and include them in your story. Brainstorm ideas and start to put flesh on the bones of your characters, choose your setting imagine it in more detail.  Finalise a writing plan before you start the task of actually writing.

Word limit: 1000 words

DEADLINE:  1st January 2010

Please send entries to:
TCT/ ICN Writing Competition
124 North End House,
Fitzjames Avenue.
London W14 0RZ.

If you have any queries please contact:


Nickname:    Chap
Sex:    Male
Birth Place:    Unknown
Arrival Date:    2006.06.14

Family History and General Information

Chap is 17 years old.  His history is complicated and the details are shrouded in mystery for various reasons.  He has shared stories of living under the Friendship Bridge at the Burma-Thailand border near Mae Sot, collecting plastic water bottles for 20 baht per kilogram.  We know he didn't always have shoes, and we know he frequently had only one meal a day.  On his way to Bangkok, he had no choice but to walk at night to avoid being in danger.  When his friends were too tired to continue, Chap carried them on his back.  All in all, it was a seven day journey from Mae Sot to Bangkok.

A childhood of poverty and struggle has the potential to make a person fed up however, through all of this difficult time, Chap has still grown into a pleasant and friendly young man.  He's taken on a role as a big brother at the Drop-In Centre. The Drop-In Centre is a safe, with food, showers, bed and advice for the many street kids desperately in need of care and security.  Chap takes care of  the younger kids at the centre.

Chap can frequently be seen tending the gardens, sweeping the yard, and taking care of the new family of puppies.  He is thoughtful and considerate of the needs of his friends, the volunteers, and the staff at the Centre, even preparing and setting aside food and drinks for them when he thinks they need them.  He is learning in leaps and bounds, and in the two years that he's been at the Drop-In Centre.  He understands that a solid education is the key to his future.

Chap has  occasionally felt sad and lonely, realizing he is away from home and that he must work very hard for his future as he has no family to help him.  Chap is being closely observed to make sure he is his old self–being joyful and happy.

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