First Catholic media festival held in Kenya

 Catholic parents in Kenya have been encouraged to monitor the media their children are exposed to, at the country's first Catholic media festival

Held at Nairobi's Consolata Shrine, the three-day event explored the theme: Media, the Third Parent.

During the festival, participants were treated to panel discussions on the role of the media and the pastoral teaching of the Church, an exhibition on the Catholic media houses in Kenya and a variety of entertainments. The first day was dedicated to the children, second one to youth and the third one to the family

Father Luigi Anataloni, chairman of the coordinating committee of the Catholic Media Houses in Kenya, said that although the theme of the festival was "media, the third parent" , media houses had no intention of taking over the role of parents in molding the children.

On the contrary, he said, the media want work in partnership with both parents and teachers in undertaking this mission.

The Consolata missionary priest and current editor of Seed Magazine of Consolata congregation also urged the Catholic media to be at forefront on defending the Catholic Church against some forces that were out to misrepresent the faith of the people.

The festival was jointly organized by the six church media houses in the country, namely Radio Waumini/National Mirror, Seed, New People, Don Bosco Media Centre, Kolbe Press, and Ukweli Video.

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