New light on writer who converted CS Lewis

Catholicism is under fire from its secular adversaries as never before. This timely new study of one of the greatest defenders of Catholicism by the renowned Dominican theologian, Aidan Nichols, shows that beneath GK Chesterton's famous paradoxes and sparkling word play lay a firm foundation in theology.

The book has two halves: the first offers an overview of Chesterton's life and times. The second considers five theological themes: Chesterton's argument for the existence of God, his theological anthropology, his Christology, his moral theology, and his ecclesiology or, more widely, his overall sense of the Catholic Church and faith.

As well as a must for GK Chesterton fans, this book could be seen as a systematic theology told through the writings of GK Chesterton and as such could be a useful introduction to theology for those easily frightened by pure theology.

Fr Aidan Nichols, OP, of Blackfriars, Cambridge, is a lecturer in Cambridge  University and the most prolific writer of theology in the English language.  He has published on countless topics, especially in systematic, sacramental,  and ecumenical theology, and was awarded the title Sacrae Theologiae Magister by the Dominican order in 2003. His books include important studies of St Thomas Aquinas; modern thinkers, including Hans Urs von Balthasar; and the theology of Pope Benedict XVI. He has written on the liturgical “re-form of the reform” and on “re-energising the Church in Culture,” as well as  on the arts and iconography. The present book is based on a series of lectures given as the John Paul II Memorial Lecturer at the University of Oxford – the first Catholic Lectureship created in the university since the Reformation.
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