Pax Christi Young Persons' Peace Challenge

Pax Christi have launched their fourth annual competition for young people  focusing on peace heroes and heroines.

Young people between the ages of 15-18 are invited to work in teams of four to determine what makes  a peace hero or heroin and then to tell their story in a DVD or video.

Matt Jeziorski, Pax Christi's Schools and Youth outreach worker said: "There are many official peace  awards that young people will be aware of.  In this challenge we hope to encourage some critical thought  on what it takes to be a peacemaker, how to recognise or value a peacemaker. Teams will be encouraged  to create and apply their own criteria  - they may choose someone in their own school or community  or someone at national or international level.  The challenge is to tell their story in five minutes!"
Previous challenges have focused on links between peace and the environment, and conflict and violence.   To date winning teams have come from Finchley Catholic High in London, St John Fisher in Wigan and St Mary's  in Middlesbrough.

Several opportunities are open to teams in 2010.  Two teams will be invited to present their DVDs at the annual Peace History Conference in April 2010 at the Imperial War Museum, London and oneteam will gather in  Florence at Pax Christi's Peace House, meeting with teams from other countries.

The deadline for entrance is 31 January 2010. For further details contact Pax Christi on 020 8203 4884, email

Details and entry form from Pax Christi and available on the  Young People as Peacemaker page on:

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