African Synod: bishop calls for abolition of death penalty

Bishop George Biguzzi

Bishop George Biguzzi

Bishop George Biguzzi of Makeni, President of the Episcopal Conference in Sierra Leone has appealed  to the  African Synod meeting in Rome, to make an unequivocal call for the total, universal abolition of the death penalty.

Bishop George Biguzzi said:  “The brutal treatment of war prisoners, the victimization of civilians during conflicts and the recruitment of child soldiers are crimes against humanity, clearly listed even in the Geneva Convention and in the attached Protocols.”

He said that the road to peace and reconciliation goes through the acknowledgment, rejection and reparation for such crimes.

"War is no justification for crimes against humanity. The prophetic voice of the Church is needed in spite of the fact that there are not many listeners,” the bishop stated.

The bishop further appealed to bishops from the Western countries to clear directives to the personnel running their development offices to work in consultation with African dioceses and from within the pastoral plans and priorities of the African Bishops.”

Source: CISA

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