Patron Saint of Missions helps promote World Mission Sunday

St Therese has played her part in advertising this year's World Mission Sunday in England and Wales. The pilgrimage of the relics of Patroness of the Missions is concluding just two days before the celebration of World Mission Sunday on 18 October.
Missio in England and Wales chose 'Reach out in love' as the theme for World Mission Sunday 2009. They also linked the occasion to the visit of the relics, distributing a specially-printed prayer for missionaries with a picture of St Therese. This is a reminder that the Carmelite saint, who never left the convent in her nine years of Religious Life had a deep concern for those parts of the world where the Church is young and struggling, and also for the work of missionaries.

World Mission Sunday is the official annual outreach of the entire global Church towards its younger members in the developing countries. Collecting through the APF (Association for the Propagation of the Faith), it is crucial to nurturing the growth and maturation of faith in Jesus and his message of love. This practical solidarity in faith cuts across language, culture, gender and socioeconomic status in a cooperation that builds churches and nurtures faith.

Across the world and especially in the rapidly-expanding Church in Africa and Asia, these young churches, which often face extreme difficulties, urgently need support. That is why, through priests, religious and lay leaders, World Mission Sunday helps support 194,855 schools, 5,246 hospitals, 17,530 dispensaries, 577 leprosy centres and 80,560 social and pastoral projects.

The APF is the only Church organisation that supports all of the 1,075 Mission dioceses throughout the world to grow and develop, not according to any of our preconceptions, but in their own uniqueness, becoming as God intended for them from all eternity.

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