Book on a great Little Sister

This Sunday, 11 October,  Jeanne Jugan, the foundress of the Little Sisters of the  Poor, will be canonised in Rome. To mark this event, DLT has published a  short introduction to her life, beautifully illustrated in full colour with icons by  George Pinecross.

The Little Sisters are well known for their care homes all over the world, where older people are cared for with dignity, respect and love. But Jeanne  Jugan remains in the shadows. Her story is extraordinary. A person of great  energy and drive, she began the work by taking an abandoned old woman into her own home, and quickly found new premises and gathered a community  around her. The work flourished and homes were established in several cities.

But then Jeanne was removed from the leadership of the order she had  founded. Without complaint or bitterness she allowed herself to be stripped  of what was dearest to her – her work.

The book includes a bibliography, brief description of the charism of the  Little Sisters and a prayer through the intercession of St Jeanne Jugan. 

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