Resources for Day of Prayer for Climate Change

Churches of all denominations around Britain are organising events for a Day of Prayer on Climate Change on 4 October, the Feast of St Francis.

Resources for the day  can be found on the Churches Together in Britain and Ireland website at:

For prayers, audio files and other materials see the Christian Ecology Link  site at:

Linda Jones  Head of Spirituality at CAFOD said: "Prayer is at the heart of all our actions. We  pray not just that political leaders might act  but that we too may be transformed. We need  to be ready to change the way we live to  reflect our belief that we are called to care for  creation, not to participate in its destruction.  Poor countries are already bearing the  brunt of droughts, floods and extreme  weather conditions.

"CAFOD is calling for a fair and binding climate  change deal at the UN meeting in Copenhagen  this December, which puts poor communities  at its heart. We pray that we may recognise  our responsibilities towards others, and  towards creation itself, which in its beauty and  diversity mirrors the glory of God.”

Revd Dave Bookless  from A Rocha UK  said:  “When it comes to climate change, there is  plenty of talk and, at least in some quarters, plenty of action. What is often missing is quiet reflection and passionate prayer.  As the world descends into fearful uncertainty,

"We need space to ask God for his perspective and intervention, to think  about what our abuse of creation says about us, and to plead for a new vision of God's  purposes for us in his world.

"I believe the Climate Change Day of Prayer is  probably the most important initiative that  Christians can be involved in during the lead up  to the critical negotiations in Copenhagen.”

The Climate Change Day of Prayer is an initiative of the Environmental Issues Network of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland. The Network brings together environmental representatives from all of Britain and Ireland's mainstream churches and Christian development and environmental organisations, including Christian Aid, CAFOD, Tearfund, A Rocha, Christian Ecology Link, the John Ray Initiative, Operation Noah.

Source: CEL

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