Five Minutes of Heaven on DVD

Five minutes of Heaven, the award-winning  BBC docu-drama starring Liam Neeson and  James Nesbitt, will be available on DVD  from 21 September.

The film is inspired by the story of Alistair  Little, a member of the Ulster Volunteer Force who  comitted murder at the age of 17. Too young to  receive a life sentence, Alistair served a 12-year  prison sentence in Long Kesh and H-blocks. Once  released, he began the slow and painful process that  turned him away from terrorism to work  internationally with victims and perpetrators in the field of conflict  transformation and restorative justice.

Alistair also  tells his story in Give a Boy a Gun, published by DLT this year. Price: £12.95. ISBN 13: 978 0 232 52763 6 . It is available at:

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