Royal Marines Commando officer to supervise visit of St Thérèse's relics

A former Green Beret Major has been appointed Logistics Manager for the visit of the relics of St Thérèse of Lisieux to England and Wales.

Major David Baldwin, will be overseeing the organisation of the  historic one-month tour which begins on 16 September.

Major Baldwin said: “One of my jobs was the logistic planner responsible for taking the Commando Brigade out to Norway in the winter – 5,000 men with associated equipment. I hope that my brain can get around the logistics of taking  reliquary around many destinations in this country in a reasonably short space of time.”

During September and October, cathedrals, churches and convents, are among the venues hosting the relics. They will spend some time at Aylesford Friary in Kent; on 1 October they are being taken to York Minster and they will also visit Wormwood Scrubs prison. Hundreds of thousands of people are expected.  Huge crowds have already  flocked to St Thérèse in the 42 countries that her relics have visited to date. After the tour of England and Wales they will be taken to Tunisia.

Major Baldwin, who has been involved with Youth 2000 and CASE,  said he feels the visit will bring many graces. He hopes St Thérèse’s relics will help heal the differences between the Churches, promote an interest in the Catholic faith and encourage vocations.

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