Mass to celebrate birth of Missio

This Wednesday, September 9, at Westminster Cathedral, Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Westminster, President of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales, will preside a Mass in honour of the Pontifical Mission Societies' official adoption of their new name: 'Missio'.

Through priests, religious and laity, Missio helps support 194,855 schools, 5,246 hospitals, 17,530 dispensaries, 577 leprosy centers and 80,560 social and pastoral projects. It is the only Church organization that supports all of the 1,069 Mission dioceses throughout the world to grow and develop.

Monsignor John Dale, the National Director of Missio in England and Wales, said: “Missio, from the Latin ‘sending out’, is a simple, easily recognizable word that expresses commitment to the God-given mission of the Church. This change of name...has been welcomed by the Bishops of England and Wales. Its logo shows the cross at the centre of its service to the Gospel. The new motto - Sharing faith, giving life - expresses Missio’s vital commitment to serving the Church, especially where that Church is young or poor.”

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