Catholic priest blogs on culture and ideas

We have just discovered a great new blog called Bridges and Tangents, by Fr Stephen Wang at:

Fr Stephen writes: "It's not a 'Catholic blog', but a blog about culture and ideas - some of which will be about religion, Christianity, Catholicism, spirituality etc. This is mainly because I am fascinated by all these ideas! But also because I hope the blog will get 'out there' into the secular world and help people to see that religion and spirituality can be a normal part of everyday intelligent discussion, and not just fringe interests for religious people.

The blog looks "across the landscape of contemporary culture - at the arts, science, religion, politics, philosophy; sorting through the jumble; seeing what stands out, what unsettles, what intrigues, what connects, what sheds light."

Father Stephen is a Catholic priest in the Diocese of Westminster, London. He is Dean of Studies at Allen Hall seminary, where he teaches philosophy and theology.

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