Pope sees preview of film on Saint Augustine

Yesterday afternoon,  in the 'Sala degli Svizzeri' of the Apostolic Palace at Castelgandolfo, Pope Benedict attended the screening of a film mini-series on the life of Saint Augustine. The Italian, German, Polish co-production, filmed on location in Tunisia, was directed by Christian Duguay and is due for release next Spring.

At the end of the screening, the Holy Father thanked everyone involved in the project and said: "I feel this depicts a spiritual journey in a spiritual continent, far distant from us yet at the same time very near because the human drama remains the same"'

"We have seen how, in a context far removed from our own, the reality of human life is represented with all its problems, sadness and failures, just as we have seen how, in the end, Truth is stronger than any obstacle and seeks out man. This is the great hope that remains at the end: we alone cannot seek out Truth, but Truth, which is a Person, seeks out us. Seen from the outside, the life of St Augustine seems to finish tragically as the
world for which and in which he lived comes to an end. But as was made clear in this film, his message remains and, even as the world changes, it endures because it comes from Truth and guides us to Charity, which is our shared destination."

He concluded: "Let us hope that many people, watching this human drama, may be sought out by Truth and so discover Charity"

Source: VIS

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