Movie: Creation

Charles Darwin’s theory of Evolution, described in The Origin of Species, was viewed as one of the most explosive ideas in history, when it was published in November, 1859.

A one-time devout Christian, and world-renowned scientist, Darwin suffered more than 20 years of soul-searching, before he finally decided to publish his master-work, setting himself at odds with his deeply religious wife, the Church of England, friends and society at large.

His story is told in Creation, directed by Jon Amiel, which is due to be released in the UK later this month.

Based upon the book, ‘Annie’s Box’, by Darwin’s great, great grandson, Randal Keynes, the film charts the pivotal moments which lead him to his decision – flashbacks to his explorations and discoveries in the South Seas, agonising discussions with his wife and colleagues, and his struggles to accept the death of his beloved daughter.

The cinematography in Creation is breathtaking. Paul Bettany gives a very sensitive performance in the lead role. His real-life wife Jennifer Connolly, is superbly cast as Darwin’s wife Emma.

Overall a compassionate and thought-provoking film which  offers fresh insights on the life of Darwin and the society in which he lived. It  allows audiences to make up their own minds on the issues it raises – apart perhaps from a gentle footnote at the end,  mentioning that he is buried in Westminster Abbey.

Creation will be premiered in London at the Curzon Mayfair cinema, at 6pm on Sunday, 13 September.

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