Claire Michael, RIP

Fr Hugh writes:  It is with sadness that I have to inform you of the sudden death on Friday 31 July,  of Claire Michael, who was a member of Project 2030 from London. Claire had been a member of the 20s group for a number of years, and last year she moved on up to the 30s group.

Over the years Claire has not had very good health.  Last year she suffered from DVT (deep vein thrombosis).  This had come back last week and she was on antibiotics.  On Friday morning she didn't feel too well. She decided to go to the doctor's before going to work.  Her mum gave her a lift, but she collapsed and died before she reached the surgery.  I had got to know Claire well over the years, and particularly last year with the 20s at Krakow in Poland I had the opportunity for some long chats with her, and I was very impressed with her good sense and the depth of her spirituality.

Jenny Whelan writes:  "I was very saddened to hear about the loss of a wonderful member of Project 2030. Claire was one of those members of the group that put her heart and soul into all that she did.  She loved being around the group and had adapted the nickname “Classic Claire” due to her original and very poignant comments, given to other group members when out and about.  She has been on many of the larger trips including Santiago last year.

Claire was a very spiritual person and we all gained from her wisdom and insight, on sometimes the most obvious observations that we will had all missed.  Our thoughts and prayers will be with her family at this difficult time.  May she rest in Peace".

Colette Whitehead has emailed the following:  "I think I was the last person from the group she talked to.  Although there was a tube strike on her birthday, I arranged to meet her at the Westminster Cathedral Newspaper reception desk, where I had bought a theatre play ticket for her.  She was delighted to see the play at Westminster Cathedral Hall - she had never been there before.  Then we took the train home and I suggested she call her parents to let them know she is on the train (as she had epilepsy).  She then told me she was glad she took up that idea as her parents had a surprise birthday treat for her".

If you want to send condolences you can write to Claire's mum at 45 The
Rise, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN13 1RJ.

A Requiem Mass will be held for Claire at :11.30 am on Wednesday 12 August 2009 in The Lady Chapel, Westminster Cathedral

There will be tea and sandwiches in the Hinsley Room next to the Cathedral after the mass and until 3.30pm.  Immediate family will not be there until 2.15 pm.

There will be a private cremation.  We have asked for family flowers only.

The 2030 group was a very important part of Claire's life.  We are naturally very keen that her friends in the 2030 group know of her death and of the above arrangements, so that those who are able, can come.

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