Christian nurse forgives kidnapper

A nurse in Scotland who spent ten days tied up and locked in the boot of a car last Christmas, says she has forgiven her attacker and prays for him.

Magdaline Makola was attacked by Justice Ngema, 35, who used her bank cards to fund a  shopping spree while she lay shivering in sub-zero temperatures last December. She was eventually found dehydrated and suffering from hypothermia in Lanarkshire on Boxing Day.

Ngema was sentenced to at least eight years in prison yesterday.  Judge Lord Menzies told Ngema he had put Ms Makola through a "truly dreadful physical and mental ordeal on a young woman who had done you no harm at all".

A committed Baptist, Makola said her faith helped her survive the ordeal. She said: "At one point I started to panic but I thought if I was going to die I should try to be peaceful so I just kept praying."

Makola said she has forgiven her attacker now. "I feel no anger" she said. I just hope that he repents over this. In those eight years in prison he still has time to change his life."

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